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Multidisciplinary Artists

Do you know what a #multigenre artist is?

~Classically in art the term is a #multidisciplinary #artist which means: Combining or involving several academic disciplines or professional specializations in an approach to painting in different bodies of artwork


. But nowadays the type of artist is fairly rare and most people do not know what to think of an artist who does more than one style of art. Yesterday a facebook friend mentioned that it was said that I do too many styles. I don't need to prove anything but educating the masses on my niche does help them to understand why I don't just paint like others who focus on what is suggested by the less traveled and non-collector, normally a very polarized presentation of an artists "voice".

So, I thought it would be interesting to share some names of other well known artists who have been known to span more than one genre of art. They are but a few I have had the opportunity to learn from or to do studies.

Jan Fabre who is internationally known is a "multidisciplinary artist", he is someone I have emulated. Michelangelo, Da Vinci art the two most famous. I have a Yayoi Kusama artwork, she is definitely a interdisciplinary. Artist Vik Muniz, his art puts a tingle up my back. Banksy is also an artist I follow, you can see a little bit of the same humor presented in his works as in mine. But he is someone who I was taught to emulate when I was still in schooling.

#HCraigWitcomb is one of my contemporaries, he too is prolific across the genres. He has traveled extensively, HIS opinion matters to me. Professionals in the field outside the smaller market in the Spokane area closest to where I live, understand my niche.

~By definition, multiple disciplines. Often interchanged with multimedia artist (varies as to if this is a proper interchange), this area of expertise has begun to blend several disciplines together to form an altogether new field.

The fact is though that my varied bodies of work are closer to being #Transdisciplinarity.

But don't take my word for it, read about disciplinary artists of all three forms from someone who actually breaths global creatives.

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