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A Little History 

       Cecile Charles ventured into the world of art, selling her first work at age 14. Immersed in the San Francisco street art era in the late seventies, Cecile would meet clients down on the wharf early in the morning. They waited to present her with a fresh canvas, some as large as 10’ by 12’.  She would spend 12 hours creating, then deliver a glowing abstract at the end of the day when the client returned, check in hand for the artwork.


       She also painted under a pseudonym in another part of that same city. That "other artist" still sells work under that name. Cecile has an unconventional sense of humor and keeps that artist’s life under wraps. She insists we will all know when she passes, on the name of that other artist, and keeps it as a secret for her own personal satisfaction. It has caused many an interesting conversation when a collector seems to see similarities in the two artists’ works. Once she was even accused of copying that other artist’s work. Therein lies the humor as Cecile says. She only admits that other artist is fond of painting florals and her collectors are fond of flowers as well.  


         Trained as an oil painter, she now explores all the media available on the market, and steps out into unexplored territory when the muse insists.


       In 1978 Cecile moved to Spokane. Though she was actively selling her works across several states; from Florida to California, Canada and outside the United States. she did not sell locally. Now though she has a rather large following locally.


        Cecile owned an art gallery in Spokane, WA for ten years that transitioned and became an art gallery/antiques boutique. The retail outlet was successful even during the economic struggles across America.


       Between 2008 and 2013 a change came when Cecile and her husband decided to build a Tiny House on their rustic property. Focusing on building while painting full time as well as becoming a full time author became the order of the day. Cookbooks and novels of Christian themes as well as a pair of science fiction works developed quickly. Cecile’s second cookbook 365, A Sandwich A Day Keeps The Hunger Away, will be out soon as well as Diamonds In The Dirt will also be available as soon as it is published. This added to her other books Dinner With Cecile And William, a cookbook co-authored with William Maltese, and Light Within Cobblestones which are already on the market. Breakfast With Cecile, a cookbook, is just about to market as well. Itsy and Droops Magical Garden Adventures came online in 2020. 


         Cecile passes on her love of art by teaching to students and apprenticed artists of all ages with art lessons. 

        Cecile is considered an eclectic artist, one who can express herself with equal skill no matter the subject, be it traditional, conceptual, contemporary, or abstract with some political satire thrown in to make her art even more interesting.  All you have to do is ask and she will study the subject and develop a commissioned artwork just for you.  


         Cecile’s art enjoys a large popularity because she has the ability to impact the collector through many styles. Cecile offers charming small paintings that are the perfect gift for someone special,, to artworks in the mid-price ranges, to that spectacular artwork that makes an excellent conversation piece and investment.


       Cecile competes in art shows in California, Florida, New York, and Canada; as well as in online virtual shows and other places. Receiving many awards over the years, Cecile stuffs them in a drawer, most gratified that her work is well received. Her focus however, is on painting-not on showing.  Her greatest joy is to see her work on your walls, so choose and buy!


         Don’t worry though; she won’t come and visit them…she’s busy painting, writing, and passing on her portion of knowledge.


Cecile Charles Biography

Written By Sara Frank

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