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Light Within Cobblestones Series

Many of my artworks can be purchased as prints. Currently it is nessesary to make a purchase by email, but that is changing soon. 

There are hundreds of my collected artworks out there in the world that I did not photograph or scan. This page covers only the ones that fit in my scanner and or I had the temerity to get a good reprintable photographic scan. This is a new website so I will be adding as many artworks as I have files for over the next few weeks when I am not painting or when I finish a new artwork. Originals for sale go on my shop page. Although many of the artworks are sold I have always retained my copyright for every single image unless it was for a work for hire. 

Fishers of Men Series

These artworks are of course all about fish...and bubbles. All of the originals are sold but are available as prints.  

The Red, White Black and Blue Series

There are about two hundred artworks in this series. I will be adding a few of the ones I have in my image files once I sort them out. I did not start scanning my artworks until a few years ago, so not all works are archived for viewing. 

The Androgynous Series 

I started this style from a quick comment from someone saying I should try something other than traditional artworks. You can put your own face into the emotion as you contemplate the artworks meaning.

A Sample Of Other Available Prints From My Studio

These artworks and the ones to be loaded will be available by automatic download  and/or pre-printed. Currently they have to be done with my assistance for the download process. 

Other Collected/Sold Artworks

Sold, donated and gifted artworks spanning many years. Stay tuned for this gallery to fill up. Many of these cannot be reprinted, these files are all over the place so it will take me a while to load them. Many are also not good photos. Cataloging my art was a low priority in the past. 

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