Artist Statement

As a creative, for me it is not enough to paint or create, I know that my skills extend to teaching others. I could do this for money, but since I am so blessed by my own creativity I prefer to give lessons to disenfranchised children for free. Disenfranchised includes poor children, abused children, children of squatters, homeless children. I first started doing this about 15 years ago. 

I live in an area where there are plenty of opportunities to give a lesson to a child in need. Word got around and I get approached everywhere with a request from a parent. I could be grocery shopping, getting gas or simply taking a walk. This is my way of giving. I believe giving classes opens the box for them to a future filled with more than what they might expect otherwise. I take no donations, I cover all of the costs myself. 


As to my art:

I am a multi-genre artist I work in watercolors, gouache, wood, paper, metal leaf, metals and other mediums depending on the style.  I paint traditional art abstracts, abstracts, an occasional book cover and I pass on my love of arting by teaching art to disenfranchised children as a gift. 

Recently I found I also have a passion for surface designing through both digital reinventions of existing copyright work and by invention through the digital platform itself. Creating just got greater and better in my studio. 


Cecile Grace Charles - Fine Artist-Author

Professional Artist

Four years College in the arts. 

Plus eight years private classical training in oils, watercolors, acrylics and mixed media techniques.

Currently producing Abstracts, traditional works in watercolor and acrylics and mixed media.

Current Mediums: Gouache, opaque watercolor, watercolor, acrylic and mixed media.

I produce artworks for private sale, book illustrations for first time indie authors and have a few illustrations on books.

I am eclectic and produce artworks as single images and as multiples in series. I am not confined to one style although the techniques I most favor are visible across all of my artworks.  

Surface Design

My design concept is using the tools on the market in this case the digital format,to re-imagine hundreds of my artworks as both color coded groups as well as multi-product design possibilities. My designs carry my signature paint strokes because they come from an original work. My designs are art organic. Have you ever tried something, found you have a knack for it and then it explodes into a full blown part of your creative life? It may be something new from my bodies of work but it will be a constant from this point onward. 


Art Teacher- Home school formal program through a local private school for three years.

Currently I teach Beginning Basics In Art to students and apprenticed artists of all ages, with private lessons.

Art Prints, sold through my studio and online.

Originals, sold through my studio and online.

I am an eclectic artist, I express myself with equal skill no matter the subject, be it traditional, conceptual, contemporary or abstract, with some political satire thrown in.

I have produced greeting cards with many images in the past, but am currently focusing on painting a series for a specific project called Smart Ask Cards, which will be presented for distribution when fully developed.

Currently working on two series, Perching Hummingbirds, and Visiting Dragonflies. 


Dinner With Cecile and William, a cookbook, with William Maltese, produced and distributed by Borgo Press  Publishing. Paperback, E-Book.

Easy to find for purchase on   Buy here


Light Within Cobblestones, an Indie-published book, printed by Blurb. (24 illustrations). Paperback, Audio and E-Book,

Easy to find for purchase on  Buy here

Itsy and Droops Magical Garden Adventures on  Buy here















More than 4000 artworks have been sold from my studio since my first sale at 14. 

Principle owner and operator Gallery of THUM Fine Art from 2006-2016

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