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Artist Frustrations

If you think artists live in a world where frustrations do not exist then you need to come and meet me. My range of frustrations are anything from a client not showing up, to a potential buyer wanting to haggle because "Its just a hobby for you" to the rare but occasional bounced check. The hardest part though is the social media. It takes up a great deal of time to be self promoting and sometimes it gets in the way of creating. Take my website which you are on by the way, don't forget to support an artist-hint, hint, it takes hours to put one together and then the links break or the system changes or any of a variety of other things that happen. This list can go on and on. But at the same time, I would not have it any other way. An artist I am, and an artist I will always be...unless of course I am telling a joke... Q: Did you hear about the painters messy house? A: It was "a work-in-progress....." then I'm comedic...still it all comes from the same place, my passion.

Below are photos of both Garden Tulips the original, as well as some of the surface patterns that have been inspired from this artwork. Even a very cool duvet becomes art. My art translates quite well on merchandise. This is why I let those frustrations wash away, again and again.

"To create is to be me." ~ Cecile Grace Charles

A duvet cover from my original Garden Tulips
A duvet cover from my original Garden Tulips

From my  originals come these patterns and many more
From my originals come these surface patterns and many more.

Garden Tulips Original by Cecile Grace Charles
Garden Tulips Original by Cecile Grace Charles

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