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There Will Be Blood (2007) - A Masterpiece of Drama and History - Download Now

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If you are looking for a powerful and captivating drama that explores the themes of greed, religion, family, and oil, then you should not miss There Will Be Blood, a 2007 film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano. This film is based on the novel Oil! by Upton Sinclair and tells the story of a ruthless oil prospector who clashes with a charismatic preacher in early 20th century California. It is widely regarded as one of the best films of the 21st century and has won numerous awards, including two Oscars for Best Actor and Best Cinematography.

There Will Be Blood (2007) m-720p mkv - 600MB - YIFY download

What is There Will Be Blood?

There Will Be Blood is a historical drama that spans from 1898 to 1927 and follows the life of Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day-Lewis), a self-made oil tycoon who rises from a silver miner to a wealthy businessman. He is driven by his ambition, hatred, and paranoia, and he stops at nothing to achieve his goals. He uses his adopted son H.W. (Dillon Freasier) as a prop to gain the trust of the local communities where he wants to drill for oil. He also faces a fierce rival in Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), a young evangelical preacher who claims to have a divine connection to the land and its people. The film depicts their escalating conflict over money, power, faith, and oil, and how it affects their lives and relationships.

Why should you watch it?

You should watch There Will Be Blood because it is a masterpiece of filmmaking that offers a compelling and complex portrait of a flawed and fascinating character. It also explores the historical and social context of the American oil industry and its impact on the environment, economy, politics, and culture. It also raises important questions about the nature of human greed, morality, religion, and family. It is a film that will challenge you, entertain you, and make you think.

Plot summary

The rise of Daniel Plainview

The film begins with Daniel Plainview working as a silver miner in New Mexico in 1898. He suffers a serious injury but manages to find a small amount of silver. He then decides to switch to oil prospecting and forms his own company. He travels across California with his son H.W., whom he adopted after his father died in an accident. He presents himself as a family man who wants to help the communities where he drills for oil. He promises to build schools, roads, churches, and other facilities for them.

In 1911, he receives a tip from Paul Sunday (Paul Dano), a young man who claims that there is oil on his family's land in Little Boston, California. Daniel visits the Sunday ranch and pretends to be interested in buying it for quail hunting. He meets Paul's twin brother Eli (also Paul Dano), who is the leader of a local church called the Church of the Third Revelation. Eli asks for $10,000 for his church if Daniel buys the land. Daniel agrees but later reneges on his promise.

The conflict with Eli Sunday

Daniel begins drilling for oil on the Sunday ranch and strikes a large deposit. However, an accident causes an explosion that kills one worker and deafens H.W. Daniel abandons his son and sends him away to a school for the deaf in San Francisco. He also refuses to let Eli bless his oil well or pay him his money. Eli accuses Daniel of being greedy and sinful and tries to undermine his influence on the townspeople.

Eli travels to other oil fields and performs faith healings and exorcisms on sick and injured workers. He also claims that he can predict where there is oil by using his divine power. He gains popularity and followers among the locals. He also tries to reconcile with his father Abel (David Willis), whom he had previously beaten for selling their land to Daniel.

The downfall of Daniel Plainview

In 1927, Daniel has become a wealthy and successful oil magnate who lives in a large mansion with his son H.W., who has learned sign language and married his childhood sweetheart Mary Sunday (Sydney McCallister), Eli's sister. However, Daniel is also lonely, bitter, and alcoholic. He has alienated most of his associates and friends, including his loyal partner Henry (Kevin J. O'Connor), whom he killed after discovering that he was an impostor who pretended to be his long-lost half-brother.

One day, he receives a visit from Eli, who has fallen on hard times and needs money. He offers to sell Daniel the rights to drill on the remaining land in Little Boston, where there is still oil under the ground. He also confesses that he lied about being a prophet and that he has lost his faith. Daniel agrees to buy the land but only if Eli denounces his religion and admits that he is a fraud. Eli reluctantly does so but Daniel reveals that he has already drained all the oil from the land by using horizontal drilling from neighboring wells. He mocks Eli for being a failure and chases him around his bowling alley. He then beats him to death with a bowling pin.

Daniel's butler (Colton Woodward) enters the room and sees the bloody scene. He asks Daniel what he should do. Daniel replies: ""


Themes and symbols

There Will Be Blood explores several themes and symbols that relate to its title and its main character's personality. Some of them are:

  • Oil: Oil represents both wealth and corruption in the film. It is the source of Daniel's success but also his downfall. It fuels his greed, ambition, violence, and isolation. It also pollutes the land, harms the workers, and sparks conflicts among different groups.

  • Blood: Blood represents both family and violence in the film. It is the bond that connects Daniel with his son H.W., whom he loves despite not being his biological father. It is also the result of Daniel's brutality towards his enemies, such as Henry, Eli, or anyone who stands in his way.

  • Fire: Fire represents both destruction and purification in the film. It is caused by accidents or explosions that kill or injure people or animals. It also symbolizes Daniel's rage and hatred towards others. However, fire can also be seen as a cleansing force that burns away impurities or sins.

  • Milkshake: Milkshake represents both deception and domination in the film. It is used by Daniel as a metaphor to explain how he cheated Eli out of his oil by using horizontal drilling. It also shows how Daniel humiliates Eli by forcing him to drink from an empty glass before killing him.

Cinematography and music

There Will Be Blood features stunning cinematography by Robert Elswit and haunting music by Jonny Greenwood that enhance its mood and atmosphere The film uses long shots and wide angles to capture the vastness and beauty of the landscapes where the oil fields are located It also uses close-ups and low angles to emphasize the intensity and power of Daniel's face and expressions The film employs natural light and muted colors to create a realistic and bleak visual style that reflects the harshness and grimness of the historical period and setting The film's score by Jonny Greenwood combines classical instruments with electronic sounds to create an unconventional and dissonant soundtrack that contrasts with the traditional and melodic music of the era The score uses strings and percussion to create a tense and ominous tone that matches the drama and violence of the story


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