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Pink Floyd The Wall Movie - Music 1982 Eng Subs... Free

Pink Floyd concerts are known for their over the top visual effects, which are considered equally apart of the experience as the music itself. Their shows place a lot of emphasis on lighting, especially through the "liquid light shows" that project various stage-lights onto enormous screens behind the band. Spot lights and strobe lights are the basic projections among the many other high-tech intelligent lighting systems used by the group that spend hundreds of thousands on these products. Such lighting also instigated lighting director Barrett's use of lighting to create shadows. To add to the visual sceptical, lighting was used to make shadows glow, shrink and ungulate, as it interacted with the band while they performed. The use of lighting throughout The Wall generally differs to the common lighting techniques and strategies used in other films. Where most films use subtle ambient lighting to evoke certain moods in film, the wall uses very obvious and intentional focused lighting to create an immediate connection between the viewer and the particular scene. Thus, in many ways the lighting types throughout the action portions of the film infer a direct connection to the lighting used as the band performed on the stage - The movie set becomes a stage of sorts. The use of spotlights are very common throughout The Wall. It appears in many scenes including the "jail cell" scene, where a large spotlight could be seen projecting from inside the cell towards the camera. As oppose to the darkly lit jail cells in other films, this scene, with its bright projection pulls our attention quickly towards the inside of the cell. One almost feels captured by the sheer power of light emitting from the jail cell. The Spot light evokes a sudden intensity in the viewer, one that other movies strive to achieve slowly. A spotlight is also used in the tunnel scene of the film as the "soldier" figures run towards and away from the light. In this, as the spotlight light stains the wall the solider figures are seen as silhouettes and their shadows create large undulating shapes on the wall, similar to that of a Pink Floyd concert. This light immediately gives a sense of the soldiers ascending and descending. Likewise, the "Is there anybody out there" scene establishes a shot where Pink is barricaded by a large brick wall. A large spotlight follows him as he struggles to climb up the wall, the struggle representing his inability to break through a certain feeling/stage of his life and the spotlight putting the focus on him. This direct focus on him not only maintains the viewers attention, but also creates a feeling of anxiety and stress, the feeling of "being on the spot." Thus, the viewer is in some ways as much a part of Pink's struggle as he is, as the spotlight provokes a feeling of being rushed to do something - as he is to break through the wall. Ambient lighting in this scene would not have given it that edge that it achieves through the spotlight. The viewer would have been a mere spectator of Pinks struggle rather than partake in it. "Comfortably numb" involved a wide range of spot light usage, throughout the scene. The most intense being the portion where Pinks crews breaks through his room door and light beams through shining all over the walls and ceiling. A certain epic/exciting feeling is evoked through this as the spot light remains to be altered by the moving figures in his room as they try and restore him. Following this a similar use of spotlight is seen in the car scene where light is projected all over the inside of the car, again brining forth a feeling of intensity. The use of such spotlight throughout the film establishes the movie "scene" as a "stage" of sorts. This allows for a much more controlled scene as the spotlight infers immediate connection with the viewer to create dynamic, focused and moving projections.

Pink Floyd The Wall Movie - Music 1982 Eng Subs...




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