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PS Touch for Phone: The Best Photoshop App for Android

PS Touch 1.3.7 APK: A Powerful Photo Editing App for Android

If you are looking for a photo editing app that can transform your images with core Photoshop features, then you should try PS Touch 1.3.7 APK. This app brings the fun and creative possibilities of Adobe Photoshop software to your phone, allowing you to combine images, apply professional effects, and share results with friends and family through social media.

What is PS Touch?

PS Touch is an app that was developed by Adobe, the makers of the popular Photoshop software for desktop computers. It was designed to provide a similar editing experience on mobile devices, with some features optimized for touch screens. PS Touch was released in 2012, but it was discontinued by Adobe in 2015, as they shifted their focus to other apps like Photoshop Express and Photoshop Mix.

ps touch 1 1 3 apk

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However, many users still prefer PS Touch over other apps, because of its powerful and versatile editing tools. That's why some developers have created modified versions of the app, such as PS Touch 1.3.7 APK, which is the most compatible and stable version of the app for Android devices.

Features of PS Touch

PS Touch 1.3.7 APK has many features that make it a great photo editing app for Android users. Here are some of them:

Layer support

One of the best features of PS Touch is its layer support, which allows you to work with multiple images and elements on separate layers. You can create up to 16 layers, and use blending modes, opacity, and masks to control how they interact with each other. You can also merge, duplicate, delete, or rearrange layers as you wish.

Selection tools

Another feature that sets PS Touch apart from other apps is its selection tools, which let you isolate specific parts of an image for editing. You can use the marquee, lasso, magic wand, or quick selection tools to make precise selections, and refine them with the refine edge tool. You can also use the scribble selection tool to quickly select or deselect areas by scribbling over them.

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Filters and adjustments

PS Touch also offers a variety of filters and adjustments that you can apply to your images or layers. You can use filters like blur, sharpen, sketch, stylize, distort, or artistic to create different effects on your images. You can also use adjustments like brightness/contrast, curves, levels, color balance, hue/saturation, or exposure to enhance or correct your images.

Text and shapes

If you want to add some text or shapes to your images, PS Touch has you covered as well. You can use the text tool to add text in different fonts, sizes, colors, and styles. You can also use the shape tool to add basic shapes like rectangles, circles, lines, or arrows. You can customize the text and shapes with effects like stroke, drop shadow, glow, or gradient.

Camera fill and lens flare

PS Touch also has some unique features that let you use your device's camera as a source of creativity. You can use the camera fill feature to fill a layer or a selection with a live view from your camera. You can also use the lens flare feature to add a realistic and dynamic light effect to your images. You can adjust the position, brightness, and color of the lens flare as you like.

Sharing and syncing

Finally, PS Touch also lets you share and sync your images with other devices and platforms. You can share your images via email, Facebook, Twitter, or other apps. You can also sync your images with Adobe Creative Cloud, which gives you access to your files from any device. You can also open your images in other Adobe apps like Photoshop or Illustrator for further editing.

How to download and install PS Touch 1.3.7 APK?

If you want to try PS Touch 1.3.7 APK on your Android device, you will need to download and install it manually, since it is not available on the Google Play Store. Here are the requirements and steps to do so:


  • An Android device running Android 4.0 or higher

  • At least 50 MB of free storage space

  • A stable internet connection

  • A file manager app

  • Allow installation of apps from unknown sources (Settings > Security > Unknown sources)


  • Download the PS Touch 1.3.7 APK file from a trusted source (such as [this one])

  • Locate the downloaded file on your device using the file manager app

  • Tap on the file and follow the instructions to install the app

  • Launch the app and enjoy editing your photos

Pros and cons of PS Touch 1.3.7 APK

PS Touch 1.3.7 APK is a great photo editing app for Android users, but it also has some drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of using this app:


  • Easy to use interface: The app has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use the editing tools.

  • Powerful editing tools: The app has a wide range of editing tools that can help you create stunning images with core Photoshop features.

  • Compatible with most devices: The app works well on most Android devices, regardless of their screen size or resolution.


  • Discontinued by Adobe: The app is no longer supported or updated by Adobe, which means that it may not work properly on newer devices or operating systems.

  • May not work on some devices: Some users have reported that the app crashes or fails to install on some devices, especially those with low RAM or storage space.

  • Requires internet connection for some features: Some features of the app, such as sharing, syncing, or opening in other Adobe apps, require an internet connection to work.


In conclusion, PS Touch 1.3.7 APK is a powerful photo editing app for Android users who want to enjoy core Photoshop features on their mobile devices. It has many features that make it a versatile and fun app to use, such as layer support, selection tools, filters and adjustments, text and shapes, camera fill and lens flare, and sharing and syncing. However, it also has some drawbacks, such as being discontinued by Adobe, not working on some devices, and requiring internet connection for some features. If you are interested in trying this app, you can download and install it manually from a trusted source.

I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is PS Touch 1.3.7 APK safe to use?

Yes, PS Touch 1.3.7 APK is safe to use as long as you download it from a trusted source (such as [this one]). However, you should always be careful when installing apps from unknown sources, as they may contain malware or viruses that can harm your device.

  • What is the difference between PS Touch 1.3.7 APK and other versions of PS Touch?

PS Touch 1.3.7 APK is a modified version of PS Touch that was created by some developers after Adobe discontinued the original app in 2015. It is the most compatible and stable version of the app for Android devices, as it fixes some bugs and errors that were present in previous versions.

  • Can I use PS Touch on my PC or Mac?

No, PS Touch 1.3.7 APK is only compatible with Android devices. If you want to use Photoshop on your PC or Mac, you will need to download and install the desktop version of Photoshop from Adobe's website.

How can I update PS Touch 1.3.7


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