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Itsy N Droop

Surface Design is fasinating. As much as I am passionate about my original artworks, I am even more passionate if that is possible about the surface designing.

Out of that has come a plethera of character designs, and hearts, every original seems to birth hearts, and every original seems to have something hidden in plain sight when I am sitting in front of the computer and exploring the possibilites.

This is how Itsy, and then Droop came into existance. There I was minding my own business and shezaamm out popped Itsy. Itsy was purely and naturally born from one of the designs, Droop was pulled out with a bit more effort.

When I began to write the Itsy and Droop series, of course I blended in the actions of the native quail that live around my home in the woods. Droop of course is a figment of my imagination. When creativity swirls around inside the mind, that is a rather good thing to happen. The first in the series turned out wonderful.

You can buy Itsy and Droop

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