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Featured Design #111Falls 88-118 by Cecile Grace Charles

I love purple, I love to paint purple paintings. I also love designing both #smallpattern and #largepattern #surfacedesigns

Purple as a color means royal or elevated, even a passion for excitement. Like red, it makes your heart beat faster. In the language of love it is calming and soothing. For some they relate it unpleasantly with people of largess, but in fact the color itself after much study has been shown to be very calming and soothing.

It also depends on how it is used.

Here I wanted to show how exciting purple can be.

In the photo; which you can click

on to go shopping for this design, you can see that I have

played with the design to give it motion. Stripes are always very cool but to take a stripe and make it a wild and statement type of stripe is a lot more fun. Trimmed with a feather like fringe of sorts gives this all over pattern a feeling of tribal affinity without stepping directly into the historical imagery. This is based on a pattern from my husbands childhood, his grandmother, a Native of the Inuit tribe in Alaska, used a pattern much like this to make tiny pieces that she sewed into every day fur coats for family members and for sale. This design honors her skills.

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