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Bandwidth Splitter For TMG 2010.rar

sir mainey direct web,meltinet, se bandwidth parchase ki hai sir mainey c class ip pool b parchase ki hain sir cindly mujey live ip pool ki setting ka koi script dain k main private ip corporate clinte ko de sakon with mikrotikthx

Bandwidth Splitter For TMG 2010.rar

Sir, i have asked a single thing in multi topic n multi time. i need a suggestion. i have cruntly running internet cable and have 200 clients. useing ISA serve 2004 with trafic shaping by bandwidth spliter.i want to know thatisa server 2004 is betterormikrotik pppoe server????kindly suguest me sir,. realy very thanks full to you.

You can impose quota limit in there profile, so after reaching specific quota for the day, there speed should be decreased to half or even less for rest of the day session. Also there are few advance customization you can do, but you have to really read a lot how billing plans and packages works in DMASOFTLAB , if you are using hotspot , then chances are you can do high customization, but for pppoe/vpn, options are limited , one such feature is on the fly bandwidth change for hotspot, but not supported for pppoe , Read n Read

I am currently working on a setup for a college. The bandwidth is a small bandwidth and will require web-cache to boost the performance. However, I will like to shape the bandwidth with for 5 subnets (192.168.10-14.0/24) but the simple queue is not working. I marked connection and packet-mark at the prerouting chain.

Hi Syed, thank you for your prompt response. I will prefer to use HTB with child queues as this will allow the bandwidth to be fully utilized. My intended setup is address-list=>mangle=>simple queue (parent, priority, limit-at and max-limit). Mangling at the appropriate chains is my confusion.

Hi Syed, thank you for your prompt response. My client is sharing internet among its branches and is not using PPPoE or hotspot. Also, he wants advanced QoS in which excess bandwidth can be utilized by the branches whenever it is available. Hence, this will require address-list, mangle, parent and child queues.

TMG can limit traffic that passes from its interfaces can use some 3rd party tools like soft-perfect bandwidth manager to restrict bandwidth. or the better way to use central router and pass all traffic from it.

sir we are using mikrotik router os for bandwidth routing from internal to external network, recently we are facing a problem which causing due to the reason of ip conflict all my network is disturbing whenever this scenario occurs so is there any option to find whose the computer that getting conflict using arp pls help me, plz plz

Asslam O AlaikumSir, aap ki thori c help chahiye. Main mikrotik 750gr3 use kr raha hoon . 170 pppoe users active hain. WAN aur LAN bandwidth mein difference rehta hai. agar WAN 150 show ho to uss time LAN 110 k round about hota hai. baqi 40-50 mb bandwidth loss ho rahi hai. plz help me in the context.


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