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Co-Authored with William Maltese, this is a fantastic addition to your recipe stockpile. This book introduces you to Cecile Charles, a gourmet-cook extraordinaire who has invented, and still invents, her own recipes, and whose culinary creativity always leaves me inspired and astounded whenever she joins me in the kitchen or at the dining table..." ~ William Maltese

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Light within Cobblestones is an all-inclusive presentation of God’s gentle love for everyone. Written by the inspiration of God in a garden vernacular, it’s a respite of art, science, symbolism, history and poetic language. Taking you away from today’s harsh cold realities, the words resonate and create a visual warmth and understanding of the Lord’s message. Peace and tranquility abound. Prepare to see inside yourself through the window to God’s garden. 

~ Tina Bjorklund / audio version specialist

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Itsy and Droop's Magical Garden Adventures, is a fantastic bright and cheery book about  a quail and a dragon and the beginning of a fabulous friendship. It is also a gentle discussion of race in a childlike and accepting manner. A great book for parenting little ones. ~ Anthony Marcus, Child Psychologist 

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