Serena Pelles Miller, one of our Suncrest/Nine Mile neighbors, is facing critical corrective surgery out of state. Pain, discomfort and…her ability to walk, eat, and sleep are all affected. There are limited surgeons that perform the surgery she needs.   Without the surgery Serena’s quality of life will decrease quickly in a very short time. She has a severe spinal disorder that is critical to more than just her life; she is also responsible for the care of her grandchildren which together is beyond her regular financial burden. This fundraiser is to address those needs.

Serena is active in our community, with the Chamber of Commerce and formerly on the board of the Lake Spokane Parks and Rec. District. She is also a local musician.

As an incentive, there will be four recipients, randomly chosen for one each original artwork donated by Cecile Grace Charles, that have been gifted to Serena for this fundraiser. Artist Cecile Grace Charles has also offered to gift every single person who donates to the fundraiser a digital art file. That file can be printed to print size 11” by 14”.  Each of you can choose one of the four images below.

Any donation is welcome, every donation no matter the amount will put your name in for consideration for an original. Everyone else can choose a free copy from the four images below of the digital file you would like. (*see below)

Please provide your email in case your name has been chosen, so you can be notified.

This is not a non-profit fundraiser; all funds will go directly to Mrs. Miller and she will be required to pay taxes on all donations. Please take a picture of your donation for your own records. 

for poster.PNG

Serena’s:  Venmo and Paypal

Please be sure to include your email address to receive your digital print! Chose 1, 2, 3, or 4,  when you send your email along to us.

*This is not an NFT file, nor is it a printed file. This is a digital-file with a notice that gives the recipient the authorization to print off one copy. The recipient will be able to choose one file from the four artworks above.  A digital art file is a file that can be taken to any print shop and printed off for a physical copy of the art by the recipient.  The file comes with a one-time use authorization to print one copy. The file can also be used as a background for your phone, or ipad or may be used on a digital frame in the person’s home.  The copyright is nontransferable the recipient does not own the copyright. This file cannot be sold, or commercially reproduced for resale.