Using Real Cork Fabric To Reclaim Stools.

I saw a stunning cork stool online and my heart wanted two of them. But oh my goodness, $260.00 per stool was not in my budget. I hatched a plan to get what I wanted. First I showed them to my husband, then I took him stool shopping so he could see just how much a set of stools were going to cost us, ones that might look very close to this.

I found this set and they were only $160.00 a pair. Ugly as all get out but I knew they would not past muster (thank goodness) with my husband.

I thin went on a hunt for a pair of stools that I could convert to what I wanted but were definitely below the cost of the inspirational chairs.

There is home diy and then there is HOME DIY. I prefer the latter.

I found a pair of these at a local thrift. My husband was very let down at first, then I tore them apart and painted them that lovely color from the inspiration chair. I trotted off to the store where I had already found the cork fabric but was afraid to pay so much for it without the right project. I am rather thrifty, I normally do not spend over 4 bucks for a yard of fabric and will use vintage if I can get it for less. Eight bucks a yard that was only 25 inches wide to boot was an extraordinary price to pay. I recovered the bottoms and they turned out wonderful. Then I began to do the backs a low and behold the fabric had no give at all and there was mondo puckering. I thought about it for a day then I figured out what to do. A little one inch thick foam, a cover yourself button, a medallion for the back because I was going to have to put a hole in the back of the chair to put on the button and I ended up with what I think are some pretty niffty chairs that do look like they came from the same studio as the inspirational chair, but without the enormous cost. Pictures of the process below.

I ended up with two very lovely chairs. My hubbie was impressed. Plus, I only spent $60.00 on the pair. Now that is thrifty.

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