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Surface Design, I am Passionate

One day I was messing around on my computer. A painters block had ensued. So, I opened a print in photoshop and made a copy and started pushing buttons in the program. Since I had made a copy, I wasn't worried about messing up my original file so I was free to explore just what the toaster on steroids could do. That is what photoshop is you know, just a fancy tool. This is the way I learn things, push the button, do it, do it now, do it do it, a mantra of experimentation. Oh my, what an explosion of delight. One minute I had one original, the next I had a dozen or so lil" art babies. It became a habit to stop whatever I was doing to make these patterns. For some time I just enjoyed the creative flow.

Eventually, they began to total in the hundreds. From there I realized I needed to do something with the "art". Some of it was simply a new form of art print that I could sell.

But as the folders grew from each artwork I realized I was on to something and I needed to find a proper application, every thing from finding websites to load my art to merchandise, to fabric making and lo and behold, out of these patterns came a few characters so I wrote a book about two of them called Isty and Droop. I will do a separate blog about them shortly, but here the process of deciding to start a new business around the designs sent me on quite the journey. I made more patterns too. In fact I make patterns every day now, I am that possessed with what I can do. They are all originals, some are wonderful art in themselves, but the ones specifically designed to be on #fabric and #merchandise. Well, you will have to explore yourself and you tell me. All I know, is I'm tickled with what I am doing. #Creating.

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