So what's the story that goes with the bathtub sitting in the lake down on river road?

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Every once in a while, someone on facebook will ask a random question. I take these questions as a challenge to write something fun. Here was my response.

There once was a lovely mermaid who resided in the lake.

One of your neighbors fell in love with her from afar. Amazing colors from head to toe fins, she sparked when she came out of the water. Long flowy hair, skin that glistened like the pearlized scale's on the trout that live in the lake. She was breath-taking to him. Every day he went down to the lake to see her. It took months for her to trust him.

Finally one day she trusted him enough to let him draw near. Only for him to realize his now beloved was simply covered in the fauna below the waterlines of the lake. His disappointment was great but still very much in love with the ideal he first saw, he chose to accept her peculiarities.

Several years went by and every year he became even more entranced. Finally he decided to bring her home.

He knew though just how mean some people are so he worked out an idea in his head. He would bring a tub down to the lake and bucket by bucket he would fill it with fresh water and invite her to sit with him in the clean water.

By now she seemed to care so much, she did just as he asked as he lifted her into the tub. He was thrilled. She began to make quiet but persistent little sounds as dusk fell. He was so soothed he fell asleep in her embrace. Several hours later the full moon woke him up. Freezing he looked around only go see his love had melted into a puddle of leftover weeds from the bottom of the lake. The fresh water had dissolved her completely.

In shock he abandoned the tub, slinking home thankful no one knew his infatuation was nothing more than a collection of rotten lake debris come to life in his mind, through his loneliness. He left the tub behind.

A transplanted teacher, Gary Van Dusen (thank you!) who moved into the Nine Mile Area has made a cute video which was presented to a third grade class...on the east coast. Watch and listen HERE

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