Oh The Excitement...What HAVE I been doing over here?

I wrote a terrific blog, and the internet went down just as I was posting it for posterity. My autosave failed at the same time.

I am excited though, I have been slaving over a project that is taking more time than I thought would take to produce.

Virtual anything that is planned out, takes a great deal of behind the scenes work to look flawless and easy. For and artist there is the producing of the artworks, then there is the scanning of the artworks, then in this case there is the other types of production (ah the mystery) that goes into the art part of the production. In my case here there are one thousand images that have to be processed for the project. Not an easy job. Then of course putting it all together. I am halfway there, patience, you are all invited to the screening. First it will be virtually but live, then I will load it to the website here for reaching out to the world. Hang in there, it is fabulous.

And where will you be able to see it live? Stay tuned. I will let you all know in time.

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