Oh DEER Dear

A little fun to jumpstart your day. Just insert the word deer every time you read the word beer. Since my husband for some reason kept thinking i was yelling beer.

We took off one morning for town, leaving our wonderful Huge Tiny House for a day, and within 200 yards encountered our first beer racing alongside us as we rounded the first corner.

Not a quarter mile past that we almost ran into a drunk beer. It could not make up its mind fast enough to jump the fence so it staggered around until it jumped in front of the car.

Whew. That was a close one.

The next thing we knew a couple of beers were in the road minding their own business licking the road salts. We drove up close to them before they chose to saunter from the road one going one way the other going the opposite. Suddenly they were exhibiting drunken behavior and turned simultaneously and ran into each other in front of us on the road.

By the way with the new technology in headlamps, any bulbs that are LED are of a different light spectrum and are not visible to beer in the same way as the old technology and so some drivers are invisible to them.


As we rounded the corner on the switchback there were three very young beer at the bottom before the last turn sampling the huge spill of pink (salts?) that was splayed out on the road.

These random beers sightings were stressful and concerning especially since I'm not sure if my husband needs hearing aids or new glasses. Moral of the story nature, beer and cars don't mix.

Watch out for beer on the road there is more than a six pack some mornings.

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