Class Ideas: Learning About Bullying

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

I wanted to introduce you to my Isty and Droop characters from my book series Itsy and Droop’s Magical adventures. The long term goal is to teach children life skills through the series.

One of the things I have noticed is that there is a lot of teaching to be a bully and not enough teaching to not be a bully on social media.

The children’s series is about teaching children; gently, how to behave publicly and to give them a foundation that they not only learn themselves, in a fun way but that it carries through their lives.

I wanted to share it here, because I think we adults need to be reminded about our behavior as well. It does not take much to offend someone so why make a practice of being offensive when it is simply a habit we have learned from social media.

There was a time when the term free speech was taught with an addendum, that being “with responsibility to the whole of the community.” This includes calling people names, making fun of peoples opinions, shaming them publicly to try to shut them up as well as gossiping behind their backs and sending out hate as a pay back for a persons difference of opinion. If this is what we have come to maybe instead of looking to others to make a change why don’t we all become leaders in our desire to have a community that not only gets along but respects the differenced in the neighbors around us.

I love the community I live in and I am asking this community to begin a conversation that has a wider impact on not only our children in the community but that we become examples to other communities. Lets stop waiting for someone else to make it happen, let us do it ourselves.

Certainly, everyone has an opinion, and we seem to need to relearn how to listen, converse and to grow together instead of tearing each other apart on social media. If you do not agree with the person you don’t have to be friends with them, but you should be able to nod and appreciate that they too get their share of space on this earth in whatever method they choose that makes them happy.

As I make more subjects for homeschool parents to discuss with their children on my website, I hope those of you who are like minded join me in my efforts to have my community outshine other communities.

Just maybe the actions with spread. If even one person gains, that would be something positive. I hope for more. ~Cecile

Itsy and Droop can be purchased by clicking on the book cover. or buy here.

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