In The Beginning...

...we had raw land. We thought we were going to build a tiny house. We had the money. Then, an extraordinary thing happened and we were wiped out financially. Water under the bridge, but we were forced out onto our property in a tent, in late August, 2014. Near winter. No it was not romantic for even one minute. It was scary and I was a jello blob mentally before my creative juices said, oh heck I think we should build a house. By then we were accustomed to layering piles and piles of blankets on top of us at night in the tent to stay warm. We sat under our gazebo and lamented the need for a roof over our heads. Then we looked up.

Yes, we built around our gazebo. From homeless to homed...sort of.

But it was beautiful, oh, not the house yet, but the setting. So, a little romantic. The house is below the turn on the right and about 15 feet in on the left is my meadow. It was once covered in scrub and nasty thorny brush but we dug it all out to make a lawn of sorts. The stream is down to the left. I thought you might like to see the setting first before I rehash the path to what it looks like now. Besides, it will take weeks in the telling.

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