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Impressionism is a style in painting origination in France more than a hundred years ago. The depiction of the moment, specifically through the changes in light and colors.

In one of my styles I adhere to this concept. It is what I consider a free paint and is an outside experience for me. I'm not a one note voice when it comes to my art. I feel strongly that I can create in pretty much every style as long as I make an effort to confine it to the specific artwork I am working on. I don't use the same techniques in my Androgynous Series, nor in my more traditional realism. However, I also don't present them all at the same time, I even paint under other names as well. This here is a part of a nice series of artworks that are visions in and around my own home which is 30 miles away from the nearest congested city.

Spring Meadow by Cecile Grace Charles
Spring Meadow by Cecile Grace Charles

You can see how it translates as a pattern for pillows.
You can see how I translated the design as a pattern for pillows. Of course, it is on many other items as well.

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