Free Class- American Civics Introduction

American Civics include the foundation of our country, the laws of our country, the rights of citizens and a few other important items, some of which are the duties of our leadership and the limited role they are allow to work within.

These things are important to know, so the average citizen does not break the law, and of course so that they know without a doubt when a leader is breaking the law.

Over the last 30 years, legislation that clearly goes against the American Constitution has been enacted to allow leadership a wider role. The problem here is that they are acting as if it is a legal path, giving the illusion by repetitive behavior that they are doing something legal. The citizenry sees this, assumes what they are doing is legal because no one ever has taken a leadership role and then abused their position (explain sarcasm to your child now*)

The first and foremost thing you should do before beginning this class for your child is to have them read the constitution. You should do this with them. Read it in sections and discuss their meaning. If you do not understand a particular part of the constitution because the language is and older English form, please send me a message and I will help you with your questions. Other people to discuss the constitution with are those people who have had lengthy schooling in the constitution. There are constitution lawyers online that have open forums to discuss the constitution.

It is unfortunate but the constitution is not fully taught in public schools anymore. This has been a pattern since the late nineteen seventies. I know this because I remember my civics class being interrupted by a representative of the state of California who came into my class and informed all of us students that we would no longer be learning Civics, instead we would be learning world history. Our civics books were taken away that day. I decided to learn civics on my own. History, law and the formation of our country are important things to know. Only learning things that outside forces want you to learn leads to mishandling of leadership. Critical thinking is important. To use that asset, you must know things other do not want you to know.

Attached is a link to the Constitution.

*Worded sarcasm is a spoken artform that derides the inappropriate behavior of someone, while letting others know you are not conned by their behavior. It is used in most cases to describe another person’s behavior when that person is doing something to delude their audience.

BTW If you don't vote you are giving away your freedoms. No excuse, not religious, you don't care, you don't know anything. Learn. Vote.

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