Class Ideas ~ Taking Messages

Taking messages can cause them to be distorted very easily so it is important to teach your child the proper method of doing so.

It is very simple, when a call comes in, or someone drops by, it is important for the child to ask the person or persons to wait and for them to get a piece of paper and a pencil or to open up a tab on a cell phone or computer and two take the persons names, asking them to spell their name and then to write down the message as given. Hand printing is best but, in this day, and age often that message will be put on a phone.

I have found that teaching a child to do two things,

1. Write it down and leave it visible on a counter,

2. Immediately text it to the recipient if it is possible so that the message gets to them right away and the handwritten copy is back-up.

Each thing on its own is possible too but the one covers the loss of the other.

OK, happy child training.

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