Class Ideas ~ Playing With A Baby

Playing With A Baby

One of the most wonderful experiences is to spend time with a baby. But children do not have the experience in life to realize just how careful you have to be with a baby.

Unlike an adult or even a child of three, a baby’s bone structure is still very soft. Pulling on a baby’s arms or legs too harshly can dislocate their joints. This can be very painful. Before any playtime a reminder for the older sibling or the visiting child is that they need to be gentle. You should point out the joints at the shoulders, hips, neck, knees and ankles and explain that they cannot yank, pull or push hard on the child and that they need to be mindful of how delicate they are.

Then you need to supervise them until you know they will not forget.

Once they have those basics down,

1. teach them about facial expressions which tiny babies love to watch.

2. Teach them songs and sounds that a baby will respond to, as an adult you will already know what will frighten a baby especially if you are the mother. You teach this information to them as well.

3. Babies like to copy what other human are doing, simple movements that repeat often engages them.

4. Laughter is one of the easiest things to share with a baby.

5. Making faces that are funny and not scary are a treat to a child so teach as many funny faces.

6. Teach the older child patience. Babies don’t know very much and need to learn; an older child will not necessarily know that they have to be understanding, babies have no experience.

7. Above all teach the child that it is their responsibility to protect the child.

Repeat until they can recite the rules.

The life of a child is precious, plan for their safety. Teach your family well and they will have marvelous lives.

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