Breakfast At The Huge Tiny House

Here at the Huge Tiny House, humor is in abundance. It started out as a way to deal with the unknowns and the stresses of taking a gazebo that had been made into a temporary dwelling, and turning it into a house with no budget and no money. This all while trying to keep a cat and ourselves safe from the woodland creatures around us. Doesn’t that sound nice woodland creatures, like it is a fairytale or something.

Anyway, we have made it a habit to see how far we can take our humor sometimes with a purpose to just plain putting one over on each other once in a while. Plus, don’t dare me, my poor husband, after twenty-one years together he should remember that daring me, takes my humor to another level.

Breakfast can be a funny start to the day. From eggs that look like parrots, to sausage that looks like…well, you never know at our house what we are eating. Har, har, or at least what it looks like.

Saying directly to me, “you wouldn’t dare”, or “you better not” are to me, a signal that he is either not in the mood or he forgot again.

This morning he in his ever so plentiful nature, started breakfast, when he is off work we trade back and forth, it makes for a variety of meals which is marvelous and much less boring.

However, this morning breakfast evolved into my making it. I of course, have a cookbook out so my foods are a bit more eventful and I love to present them as if they are being served at a fancy restaurant. Even scrambled eggs can look fancy.

I sat down waiting for the final cooking, when my husband made a comment about not bothering to serve it fancy because we had to get to work on the porch’s addition, the roof supports-specifically.

He then said, really, I never know what you are going to do you might even save on the plate and cut it in half.

That there is a dare. Trust me when I say that is a dare.

I lifted my eyebrows at him and as I walked into the kitchen to plate the food up, he said, “I know you, your going to do it.”

You can see by the photograph, yep, I did.

I will tell you now, it is not easy to eat off of a half a plate, that too made breakfast hilarious.

In my world, you never know what we are going to do.

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