At First It Was Chaos

There were a few days between, lets build a tiny house and lots of plans and lots of money, and the sudden fast forward and we are living in a tent and trying to figure out how to heat it and get building materials. The building materials were going to be for the tiny house. The dilemma was no money, no food, no energy totally kerflumpy. Then I got the bug and girded my loins; yes I still have those, and got busy.

We started with a hot mess. The trailer had to be pulled away pretty quick for someone had the nerve to go in and rip it to shreds and steal everything stored in it as we began. It was a total loss, why in heavens name would anyone rip a ceiling out of a trailer when they were robbing us? Whatever, we eventually found out who did it and they got their comeuppance, more on that later. . The tent was up to the left. I could show you a picture of what it looks like now but why miss all the adventures? Some of them are downright hilarious. The next post will be a funny. But not today. Feel free to think we were crazy, but you have to have vision, I did. I helped my hubbie to see it too. Once we started he did not fight me too much, har, har. Anyway, another day, another post.

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