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Fruit Master: A Casual Arcade Game with Fruits and Knives

Throw your weapons at the fruit as you try to juice them all to complete each level. Try not to miss any of the fruits as you juice them and earn coins. Unlock new knives as you try to complete all 100 different levels. Once you miss any fruits your high score will be submitted to the leaderboards.

Parents need to know that Fruit Master app is an arcade-like game for iOS and Android devices. While the gameplay isn't too difficult to figure out, there aren't any directions, so players may be confused about how long rounds take and what they need to do to get to the next level. While there are weapons used to break fruit like knives, they're only used on produce and not human characters. A mixed drink is also given as a reward for reaching the next level, although it's not being shown drunk. Players are also subjected to many ads for products, or they can spend $2.99 to remove them.

fruit master

In FRUIT MASTER, players toss weapons at rotating groups of watermelons, oranges, and other produce. They're given points for each piece they hit, and nailing multiple items at once earns a bonus. Sliced fruit lands in a blender, which produces a cocktail players get when they complete a level. Earn four cocktails, and you can spin a fortune wheel for prizes like the chance to upgrade your weapon to chopsticks. With at least 100 potential rounds to play, players will be tested as fruit moves faster and changes direction during each level. Can you become the fruit master?

This simple game would probably entice gamers to play it for much longer without the far-too-frequent ads that pop up for other game downloads. Fruit Master is swamped with ads throughout the game. Some are 30 seconds long, but even the shorter ones often can't immediately be dismissed. They interrupt playing so often it's hard to get into a groove -- and to win at Fruit Master, you need to. Playing repeated rounds helps you figure out the best time to click on the screen to release your weapon to hit as many items as possible. That's particularly important in later rounds, when fruit speeds up, slows down, and abruptly switches the direction it's circling around the screen, which makes it harder to hit.

Master Fruit Tree Steward (MFTS) classes prepare community members to grow, cultivate and care for fruit trees in the greater Seattle community. The program is open to students of all ages, perspectives, and abilities. For a program geared more toward younger learners, our Youth Fruit Tree Steward (YFTS) program is currently in development.

The program consists of a total of 7 hands-on workshops that combine both classroom and urban orchard experiences to gain skills in identifying, planting, pruning, harvesting and sharing fruit from local fruit trees. Session dates and topics are as follows (dates may shift as needed to respond to instructor availability and extreme weather). Sessions generally run from 10-2 pm (4 hours) on Saturday mornings, and are held in the Greater Seattle Area (with the exception of a potential session at NW Fruit in Mt. Vernon).

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Fruit Master is a truely vertically integrated business. We open operations along the value chain, to a level that allows our team to take control of the growing and marketing. This ensures the quality of our fruit, the safety in production and a dependable service.

About FruitMastersFruitMasters is a fruit cooperative that delivers fruit to the retail market. Partly thanks to its affiliated fruit growers, FruitMasters is able to supply the best quality Dutch fruit directly from the source to national and international trading houses and retailers. FruitMasters has its own facility and logistics centre in the Netherlands, making it an indispensable party for the fruit market.

FruitMasters is able to supply the fruit market all year round. FruitMasters mainly focuses on top and soft fruits, but can also deliver stone fruits, grapes and exotic fruits. As a marketing organisation of Dutch growers, FruitMasters supplies fruit directly from the source. This enables us to manage the entire process better, from grower to consumer, from sorting to packing and from branding to shelf presentation. We also specialise in customised packaging, which you can either choose yourself or together with us. FruitMasters ensures a fruit experience for carefree enjoyment at home or abroad.

In 1904, a group of Dutch fruit growers joined forces and started a cooperative. The aim was to deliver the highest quality fruit by setting high standards for freshness, taste and continuous availability.

Fruit Master Holdings Pty Ltd is a locally-owned, private company that derives its revenue from the growing, procurement, ripening, packaging, and wholesale distribution of fruit and produce. The company employs approximately 52 people and is administered by its head office in Kensington, Victoria.

Just take your time and cut one fruit at a time. Since one miss means game over it is better to play one additional fruit cluster in order to complete a level than to try hitting two or three remaining fruits at once and miss, losing all progress on a level. So, forget about big combos, if you want to advance levels pick one fruit at a time.

As we already mentioned, in Fruit Master you have to eliminate lots of clusters in order to finish one level (level progress is shown at the top of the screen). And each of these clusters features unique rhythm by which fruit pieces rotate. Sometimes it is a simple clockwise or counter-clockwise motion, sometimes fruit pieces follow uneven rotation pattern, with simple slowdowns and accelerations, and sometimes rotation is pretty tricky to follow because it includes complex rotation patterns of changing direction and speed of rotation.

So, before launching your weapon observe rotation pattern so you can get used to it before starting picking fruits. This way you will minimize your chances of missing and will learn different rotation patterns over time so that after a while you can recognize the specific pattern as soon as you see it, allowing you to play faster and be more efficient at picking fruit pieces.

But if you make a miss right at the start of a level, while slashing first or second fruit cluster than it is better to just skip taking the second chance and start over. You see, when we make an early mistake we then have a higher chance or repeating that mistake shortly after. So, instead of wasting time watching an ad and them missing again, it is better to start over after taking a short break because you will be better focused and less prone to repeating the same mistake.

Each time you start a slashing a new fruit cluster feel free of performing a couple of slashes in quick succession because there are plenty of fruit pieces on the table and chances of you missing are smaller at the start of a new zone. So feel free to quickly cut fruits and then, once you are left with a couple of fruit pieces, switch to slow and steady mode and pick fruit one by one.

Our main activities are repurchase, freezing, processing and export of raspberry and other fruits. Capacity of processing is 30 tones of fruit per day and storage capacity is 4000 tons. Two static tunnels have a daily freezing capacity of 32 tons. read more...

1. Origin and Overview of Fruit Master(Organize students to watch Fruit Master advertising videos and think about related issues. See Course Evaluation 1.1)The original game of Fruit Master is Fruit Ninja whose idea came from a knife commercial. While at home, a game designer from Halfbrick Studios saw a TV ad selling fruit knives. The salesman in the ad threw the fruit and sliced it in the air with the knife to demonstrate its sharpness. This designer then came up with the idea of developing a fruit-slicing game at "Halfbrick Friday", the company's monthly brainstorming event where every employee, from the cleaning lady to the CFO, can raise new game ideas. Those who can impress other colleagues, will receive rewards and be able to set up a temporary team to develop a game model. Fruit Master was born swiftly, with the background and basic gameplay determined at the designer's first "Halfbrick Friday". In just six weeks, Halfbrick officially launched the game. This shows that the idea of a game often comes from life. As long as you look carefully, you will realize that an idea for a game may be hidden in some of the most common things. Of course, the idea itself is far from enough. It requires you to expand and redefine it to form the final version of the game.

Fruit Master is an action game that involves the slicing of fruits before they vanish. Players have to slice as many fruits as possible to get higher scores. In the game, fruits and bombs will constantly appear on the screen. The player is given three chances to miss the fruits. The game immediately ends when a bomb is sliced (Figure 1).

Fruit Master has a unique gameplay. It is simple and easy to understand and grasp the user's pain points. The player can play the game anywhere without any restrictions during their fragmented free time, which makes it attractive to a large number of players. Players can find huge pleasure in the "high-speed sliding". The pleasure seems to come from the smoothness of "slicing the fruit". Yet, if we look deeper, we'll see that it actually comes from the rewards gained after following the game rules. The fruit thrown out is a new problem and slicing it is the solution. Players will repeatedly experience feelings of "encountering new problems" and "solving problems successfully" in the game.

In Fruit Master, players must slice all the fruits and avoid touching the bombs. What ability does this process train? We can experience it through a game called "Sponge Bob Says". When the game organizer says "Sponge Bob says touch the nose", then everyone needs to touch the nose. When the game organizer says "touch the nose", then nobody should touch the nose.


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